Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Convergence on Excel --- who knew?

Having cut my analytic teeth on multivariate analysis tools, it's kind of a shock to realize that I've ended up focusing on a spreadsheet program. And that I'm not too unhappy about it. Of course, it means tossing out just about every consideration of statistical significance, interactions, or assumptions about normal distributions. Luckily with samples the size I'm working with now --- millions --- I don't feel too guilty about TOTALLY BETRAYING EVERYTHING MY PROFESSORS TAUGHT ME. haha, they're still struggling to get samples in the low four figures.

Anyway, at AdTech last week I "taught" a little session on some of the small things I do with Excel to explore the data that fall out of web analytics programs like WebTrends, Hitbox, Omniture. The response was quite nice even though none of the tricks were earthshaking or anything. The Powerpoint is here:


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