Monday, December 11, 2006

Crummy analogy


I'm going to skip the tempting crummy analogy, actually. It would be insulting to whatever I tried to compare online help communities to.

Let me just say that going into certain public technical discussion forums (with emphasis on "public") is a foray into a completely different culture that is based on the quick easy free approach to everything, with a great deal of expectation about what the world owes to the writer and how everything is a lie or a ripoff.

An example that I just now encountered: without doing any research, which would involve exactly one second of Google search, somebody decides "gclid" is evidence of an attempt at online theft and gets otherwise busy people to deal with their hysteria.

It's like watching a crazed Pekingese dog: all reaction and very little brain.

But as I said, lumping online help communities together with them would be insulting to Pekingese dogs.