Sunday, May 06, 2007

Google Analytics vs WebTrends, flip side

On the other hand, it's obvious that GA has some strong points. Aside from the obvious wonderful geography graphic and the more comprehensive conversion stats (better stats, in more reports), I'd add:
  1. Cool dashboard-like indicators (but the length of the list is limited)
  2. There is a Print-Report function. With WebTrends, reports are always cut off on the right side.
  3. Exit rates per page (very simple to get FROM WebTrends but you can't get it IN WebTrends)
  4. Pageviews per visit statistic along with page views and visits stats.
  5. Goal Conversions
  6. "Absolute Unique Visitors" is, I believe, more accurate than WebTrends'. It looks like each visitor is counted only once in these stats, either as a first-timer OR as a returner, even if the visitor had multiple visits during the reporting period.
  7. Help Cards are clearer and they don't fall back on using the term to define the term.
  8. New vs Returning report is better.
  9. Nice drilldowns on individual referrers - data over time, to-date lifetime value, cross-segment performance i.e. broken down further by browser, campaign, keyword, content, geography, and something called "visitor type."
  10. Campaign reports that include cost per click!
  11. A/B testing
  12. A drilldown based on the directory path! (we've talked about that in these forums a lot and it's impossible to get in WT without a lot of coding)


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